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A History of UBO

Our University

Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins (UBO) was created and registered as a non profit making Private Corporation by public deed in Santiago, on 1st Match 1990, in accordance with the dispositions of Education Law 1 of 1980.  This  Charter also approved its  By Laws and appointed the first Board of Governors, which draws up the strategic alignment of the institute and is in charge of maintaining educational and training standards that develop professionals that contribute to the development of their environment and who are capable of assimilating innovations in their fields, in addition to having a strong sense of service.

Some 2,600 students  from different areas have obtained their degrees from UBO. At present, we have a total enrolment of 3,839 students and our four Faculties: Law and Social Communications,Education, Engineering and Administration, and Health, Sports and Recreation offer 17 undergraduate courses, including evening courses.  In 2010, the University, opened courses in Nursing, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Dietetics, in accordance with the terms of its Strategic Plan.

The aim of our University is to focus on the training of professionals who are able to autonomously contribute to the economic, cultural and social progress of the country, and while doing so, develop their own human and professional skills.  The notion of educational comprehensiveness  underlies both the principles and values of our Mission and Vision, and inspire our teaching.

In the framework of a clear policy of openness, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins has signed different agreements with local and foreign institutions, with  seminars and activities with associate academic institutions ranging from student and teacher Exchange to research, extension and collaboration activities for certain postgraduate programmes.

In the field of research, in 2007 the University created ORPAS (Regional Observatory of Peace and Safety), which carries out research, seminars and publications related to Defence, Safety and Development, contributing to the constructive interconnection between the countries of the region. In 2009, we created the Institute of Social Sciences and Communications, belonging to the faculty of Law and Social Communications,  which has the object of creating a space for academic development for both academics and students working on their professional future.

The University’s Training Office offers diverse diploma courses with updated programmes based on the labour market, with subjects focused on Safety, Defence, Governability and other issues of national interest.  For this objective, we have an outstanding team of academics and lecturers, who are experts in training and capable of covering current requirements in the field

In addition, UBO has developed new news channels, one of which is UBO TV, an Internet television channel. 

This medium is a complement of theother digital media implemented by the University, which include new technologies like our recently updated Intranet, that contribute to establish instant communication with students.  As from 2009, UBO has Facebook and Twitter facilities.

In these 20 years of academic experience, UBO has been involved in a concept that becomes increasingly relevant as time goes by: Social Responsibility.  In addition, it focuses its activities on a coherent stance with the essential factors established in its Mission, Vision, Educational Project, Principles and Values, which are included in its Formation Model. This enables it to provide an ample background on the values of the O’Higginian Principles, which complement all those aspects that link it comprehensively to the educational environment.

Our Biulding

The building which houses Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins was commissioned in 1919 by Pedro Aguirre Cerda,  the President of the Republic  at the time, and the architect in charge was his nephew, Jorge Aguirre Silva.

Aguirre based his design on the modernist movement  of the 30s, and on the Bauhaus style which was notable for its  simplicity and lack of ornamentation, and for the harmony established between artistic design and function and technical construction know-how.

This building was a symbol of the modernist movement in Chile and in all of Latin  America, a movement that created a veritable revolution in Chilean architectural concepts.  It was built to house the “National Institution for the Defence of the Chilean Race and Use of Leisure Time” created to bring together all the citizens who wished to meet in total freedom.

The aim of this institution was to encourage an awareness of our national values and honour; the practice of physical education as a means of feeling  fit and preparing the body for work, the observation of habits of hygiene; the love of work, peace and human solidarity; the encouragement of the individual’s dignity and ability to overcome difficulties at work and at home, and the ability to spend leisure time on honest and educational entertainment and activities.


After the earthquake that shook Chile that same year, the “Pedro Aguirre Cerda Model Shelter” became a children’s home which housed the orphans of this great earthquake,  Subsequently and after many years, in 1990 our University started to occupy part of the premises, and purchased the entire building and grounds in 2007.


Avenida Viel 1497 Ruta 5 Sur - Santiago
Mesa Central: 477 41 10
Fax: 477 41 24

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Faculty of Engineering and Administration
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Comercial Engineering
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Engineering in Geomensuration and Cartography
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Faculty of Health, Sports and Recreations

Diet and Nutrition
Physical Education, Sport and Recreation Pedagogy
Faculty of Education
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Teaching Degree for Preschool Education
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